What is Applied Behaviour Analysis? 
Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a subset of the field of psychology. It is the application of behaviour analytic principles to improve socially significant behaviour and includes some of the following components: changing socially significant behaviour, examining observable and measurable behaviour, studying functional relations and reliable changes in behaviour, and using the most effective and simple processes to maintain behaviour change over time.  

What is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst? 
A Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) is a professional with a Master’s or Doctorate degree in ABA, psychology, or a related field. They are credentialed by the Behaviour Analysis Certification Board in the United States of America. BCBA’s are required to completed relevant coursework and supervised practise hours before writing a certification exam. To maintain certification, BCBA’s are required to participate in continuing education. 
Currently in Canada there is no comparable accreditation for the practise of behaviour analysis. Thus, many behaviour analysts practising in Canada complete the board certification process through this certification board as a means of maintaining professional standards while practising in Canada. All services offered by Atlas Behaviour Consultation are developed and supervised by a BCBA.  

Does my child require a diagnosis of Autism or another developmental disability or behaviour disorder to access services? 
 No. In your initial meeting your consultant will gather information about the individual’s medical history including any diagnoses, however, an official diagnosis is not required to access services. (Back) 

Are these services covered by OHIP? 
No, behaviour consultation services are not covered by OHIP. Some private insurance companies have some coverage for these services, as well funding from other sources may be appropriate for this use as well. Rates and a fee schedule will be outlined before services are provided. Please check out our resources link for information on other sources of funding.

What will sessions look like? 
Atlas Behaviour Consultation provides individualized programming, based on the current needs of the individual and their family/other surrounding environments. As such, session format varies on the needs of the client and changes across individuals, as well as across time. Sessions are provided in the environment where they are needed (i.e. sessions teaching community skills would be provided in a community setting, sessions teaching dressing skills would be provided at home, etc.) with the relevant instructors. Atlas Behaviour Consultation strives to work with all relevant people in the individual’s environment to maximize their learning opportunities. As such, we encourage continuity in teaching across parents, other caregivers, siblings, and other professionals. 

An initial free consultation will be arranged with our Clinical Director who will review your goals, your child’s needs, and learning style, and create a plan for session schedule and settings, including the appropriate combination of 1:1 sessions, community sessions, groups, and/or workshops for you and your child. Goals are re-evaluated regularly and a new service plan may be recommended as your child/teen learns and develops further skills.  
Atlas Behaviour Consultation provides programming based on ABA and includes breaking a skill down into small parts, teaching to mastery, and the use of positive reinforcement. Teaching varies across skill, individual and environment, and sometimes is quite structured, and other times is relaxed and natural. Atlas Behaviour Consultation provides a positive teaching environment and values client and family involvement and feedback.