Atlas Behaviour Consultation offers a number of weekly groups throughout the year: 

Fun & Games
This group is appropriate for early social learners learning to be a part of a group.

This 7-week program focuses on:
• Sitting for circle
• Requesting
• Following instructions
• Parallel play
• Playing appropriately with toys
• Appropriate snack routine
• Waiting for desired items

Social Butterflies
This group is appropriate for intermediate social learners who are able to follow group instructions and routines, but are not yet demonstrating social interaction skills with peers.

This 7 week program focuses on:
• Eye contact
• Greeting peers
• Commenting to peers
• Following group instructions
• Requesting items and actions from peers
• Taking turns

Friendship Club
This group is for advanced social learners who are able to engage in turn taking and reciprocal play with peers, but are still working on conversations with peers and skills required to form and maintain friendships. 

This 7 week program focuses on:
• Asking/answering relevant questions to the activity being shared
• Asking/answering open ended questions
• Learning what our friends like/don't like
• 2-3 volley conversation
• Explaining how a friend might feel
• Accepting no and negotiating with peers
• Compromising with peers

Academic Group
Join us for our new Direct Instruction Based Academic Group. 

This 7-week program is aimed at children and focuses on:

• Attending skills - Discrimination (peer vs self)
• Reading comprehension - Working collaboratively
• Quick responding
• Eye contact
• Self-awareness