Atlas offers 1:1 individualized programming for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Communication disorders, Developmental disorders, ADHD, or other behaviour concerns. 

Our treatment is all based on the principles of ABA

Currently, our waitlist for direct services is closed. If you are interested in receiving updates about training opportunities, groups or other events please contact us to be added to our contact list. 


Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

ABA sessions may target reduction of interfering or problem behaviour, or acquisition of skills.

Skill building ABA sessions begin with an assessment of your child’s skills, and skill deficits. From this assessment, an individualised program is developed – specifically designed for your child. Programs will target skills across a variety of developmental domains. Programs are continuously monitored, and data is taken on all skills daily. Programs are revised as necessary to ensure your child is always learning to their full potential. Assessments are completed every 6 months and programming is updated as needed at any point in time. Settings and structure of sessions are recommended at the discretion of the Clinical Director and Senior Therapists and may include centre or home sessions, and 1:1, dyad, or small group format. Additionally, sessions may be offered in community settings including daycare, educational environments, recreation programs, camp, etc.

ABA sessions targeting reduction of interfering behaviour will begin with an assessment of the behaviour – this may involve direct observation and manipulation of the environment, or indirect measures like questionnaires. Intervention will include a behaviour plan specific to the child’s skill set and the function of the target behaviour.

All ABA programs are administered by Instructor Therapists (IT). Each team has 2-4 IT’s depending on the number of hours the child is receiving. Each team is supervised by a Senior Therapist (ST) who is responsible for all programming and supervision of implementation of programming. Each team is supervised by the Clinical Director. The specific qualifications and credentials of all staff can be found on the staff info page.


Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI)

IBI is the intensive application of ABA principals to teach children with Autism across all aspects of their development. IBI in Halton is funded through the Direct Funding Option (DFO) administered by Erinoakkids and in Hamilton-Niagara through Hamilton Health Sciences. Atlas Behaviour Consultation is an approved provider in both regions. More information about IBI in Ontario can be found here:

Like in ABA sessions Atlas strives to ensure that the skills we are teaching children are socially valid – it is important that these skills are going to make a difference in their life, generalize well, and help them access learning in more natural environments. All programming is designed with this goal in mind throughout your child’s learning time at Atlas.

IBI sessions will be held in centre, your home, community or group sessions as is most beneficial to your child’s learning and may vary as appropriate throughout the duration of IBI.